Engine Service

We do all minor and major services on vehicles.

A full or a major service includes a much more thorough inspect of the car. Parts which wear out with use are replaced during this service.

  • We will replace:
    • Oil filter as well as oil
    • Spark plugs (petrol vehicles) – glow plugs on diesel vehicles will be inspected
    • Air filter
    • Cabin filter
    • Fuel filter
    • We will inspect the front and rear brakes
    • We will inspect the full suspension
    • We will inspect all oil or water leaks
    • We will run full diagnostic on the vehicle to ensure there is no errors logged

    Timing service
    Timing belts and chains wear out and needs to be replaced according to OEM specifications.
    We supply and fit belts and chains for all major vehicle brands.

A minor service generally refers to oil and filter change and a visual inspect of the major parts.

  • The oil and oil filter will be replace
  • We will inspect the other filters and spark plugs
  • We will inspect the suspension
  • We will inspect the front and rear brakes
  • We will inspect for any oil / water leaks
  • If we find anything unusual we will quote accordingly

Fleet services
We can take care of all the vehicles for your company. We take the stress of your shoulders about your vehicles, we will keep track of the service history of your vehicles, remind you when to bring in your vehicle for service. Keep up the maintenance on your vehicles to ensure your suspension of vehicle is safe for you and your staff.
We also offer special discounts for fleets, and set prices on services.

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